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Hello… This entry consists of old posts from ubuntuforums. So the articles are not that recent.

1. 10 Potential Second Careers for Bill Gates…ill_gates.html
2, OS Smackdown: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Vista vs. XP…sta_vs_xp.html
—–>Reader’s poll:…eNumber=5#poll
3. Firefox 3 Add-Ons: Five Must-Have Business-Friendly Tools…dly_tools.html
4. Windows XP Departs: Good Riddance or Sad Farewell?…_farewell.html
5. The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007…s_of_2007.html
6. Study: 80% of Businesses Have at Least One Mac…t_one_mac.html

For fun:

1. Microsoft:
2. Linux:
3. Mac OS X:
4. FreeBSD:

1. When Installing Software Is Too Simple…oo_simple.html
2. Microsoft to Buy Mobile Software Maker MobiComp…_mobicomp.html
3. The ARDAgent Security Hole: What You Need to Know…d_to_know.html
4. New Top-level Domains Expected in 2009…d_in_2009.html
5. Is Ballmer Right for Microsoft — for 10 More Years?…ore_years.html
6. The 10 funniest Mac vs. PC YouTube videos…icleId=9063039

“Virtually all Linux word processor reviews and articles operate from the premise that Microsoft Word is the benchmark to measure Linux word processors by, and that the most important feature is compatibility with MS Word documents. I couldn’t disagree more. Why hold ourselves to such a low standard? MS Word is buggy, lardy, malware-friendly and incompatible on purpose. It’s not even compatible with previous versions of itself. To me it’s a cruel, expensive joke, not a professional tool.”…le.php/3715536

Continued… (again)
1. Linux vs. Windows: The Rematch…e_rematch.html
2. (US) Cheap Gas Web Sites: Waste of Time or Gas?…l?tk=nl_sbxblg
3. Expect Firefox 3.1 in July…1_in_july.html
4. XP Deadline Matters Little to Business Customers…customers.html
5. Bill Gates Retires, Symbian Goes Open Source…en_source.html
6. Data Centers Explore Novel Ways to Cut Energy Use…nergy_use.html
7. Jury Convicts Web Site Operator in P2P Case…_p2p_case.html
8. Intel Backstabs Microsoft by Abandoning Vista…ing_vista.html
9. PC Shipments Jump Worldwide…worldwide.html
10. Do Smartphone Viruses Threaten Networks?…_networks.html
11. Easily Review Trashed Files In OS X…_os_x_105.html
12. Microsoft Releases Hypervisor Users Call Fast, Stable
“VMware needs to change its model,” Morimoto says. “You can’t charge for something people can get for free or for a lot less money. I’m not sure where VMware is going to be a year from now.”…st_stable.html
13. China Mobile Ready to Talk IPhone Again…one_again.html
14. Google Quietly Tests SocialNetwork…l_network.html
15. Tech Talk: Where’d it Come From, Anyway?…om_anyway.html
16. Imation Unveils Paperclip-Sized USB Drive…usb_drive.html
17. Web 2.0 Goes to Work…s_to_work.html
18. Malware, Spam, and other Net Pests Rev Up…ts_rev_up.html
19. Security Firm Reports Trojan Targets Macs…gets_macs.html
20. Will the x64 Edition be for you?
21. The Mythical ‘Vista Application’…l?tk=nl_esxnws
22. Vista Service Pack Patched…k_patched.html
23. Ten Tools to Make Windows Shine…ows_shine.html
24. FAQ: XP Deathwatch, T Minus 1 Week…us_1_week.html
25. Windows XP Retirement a ‘Non-Issue’ for Corporate Customers…customers.html
26. More Quick Fixes for Common Windows Annoyances…nnoyances.html
27. Buying Macs to Run Windows…n_windows.html
28. Antispam Group Outlines Defenses to Block Botnet Spam…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
29. IDC: Global Online Ad Spending to Hit $106B in 2011…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
30. Endpoint Security Gets a Failing Grade…l?tk=nl_bnxblg
31. Firefox 3 Add-Ons: Five Must-Have Business-Friendly Tools…dly_tools.html
32. Corporate Security Worldwide Fails Basic Tests…sic_tests.html
33. Survey says … Linux desktop is ever more popular
34. Vital Internet Tools…l?tk=nl_wbxdwn
35. MSI Wind Mini-desktop With Intel’s Atom to Debut in July…t_in_july.html
36. Microsoft Patches its XP Patch…_xp_patch.html
37. MySpace Users Struggle to Overcome Cybervandalism…vandalism.html
38. Unwrapping HTC’s Touch Diamond…h_diamond.html
39. Gates Says Yahoo Deal ‘not Likely’…ot_likely.html
40. 8 in 10 Businesses Use Macs, Study Says…tudy_says.html
41. Malware is Getting Smarter, F-Secure Warns…ure_warns.html
42. Creator of Nugache Worm Reaches Plea Agreement…agreement.html
43. Rhapsody Opens Fire Against ITunes With DRM-free MP3s…free_mp3s.html
44. 17 Greasemonkey Scripts to Turbocharge Your Browser
45. Stream Your Music Collection Over the Net…r_the_net.html
46. The Best Products: Readers’ Favorites…favorites.html
47. The 10 Funniest Apple-Ad Parodies…_parodies.html
48. Group Says Google a Top Source of Badware…l?tk=nl_baxnws
49. Laptops Lost Like Hot Cakes at US Airports…_airports.html
50. Japanese Military Loses Data Again…ata_again.html
51. Study: Unpatched Web Browsers Prevalent on the Internet…_internet.html
52. Understanding the Web browser threat:
Examination of vulnerable online Web browser populations and the “insecurity iceberg”…_internet.html
53. Companies Join Forces to Promote Macs in Enterprise…nterprise.html
54. Inside the OS X 10.5.4 Update…54_update.html
55. Google, Yahoo to Search Inside Flash Files…ash_files.html
56. China’s Raises $30m Despite Threat of Ban…at_of_ban.html
57. Yahoo Reveals More on Microsoft Talks, Defends Board…nds_board.html
58. Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.5.4…os_x_1054.html
59. Tracking Word Changes After the Fact…_the_fact.html
60. Mac Market Grows by One-Third…_onethird.html
61. A Requiem for Windows XP…indows_xp.html
62. Video Surveillance Made Easy With a PC…with_a_pc.html
63. Adobe Releases Reader 9…_reader_9.html
64. Firefox 3 Boosts Market Share to New High…_new_high.html
65. Will Instant Messaging Overtake E-Mail?…ake_email.html
66. Buffalo Ships Low-Cost Encryption Drive…ion_drive.html
67. Microsoft Promotes Security in IE Update…ie_update.html
68. AT&T’s Text Message Racket…l?tk=nl_wbxblg
69. Bill Gates: Today’s the First day of the Rest of Your Life…l?tk=nl_wbxblg
70. Last OS Standing: Make the Most of Windows Vista…ows_vista.html
71. How to Buy a Motherboard…therboard.html
72. Business is Brisk for Both AMD and Intel…l?tk=nl_esxnws

Sorry for the numerous links.

Well, just choose what you like. Then, you can post your comments afterward (if you also like).

Please also report broken links so I may remove them.

Happy reading!


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