Things I Hate About Windows Users

Okay.. This might look a rant against Redmond, but it is not the OS I am targeting in this post, but the users themselves.

Note: This pertains to the majority of users, NOT to ALL.

So, to be straightforward, these are the things I hate about Windows users:

1. They brag about their Windows computers to other people which are non-Windows users, thinking that their OS is soooo good, even though this is hardly the case.
2. They view any computer without Windows installed as crap, especially when Linux is the OS installed.
3. They say CONSTANTLY that Linux is hard, or for geeks only, or something among those lines.
4. They think that Linux is not worth it because it lacks support for games.
5. They think that their OS is the best ALL THE TIME and some might even do #1 (Erratum: I think not some, but most).
6. They think that having MS == cool, Mac OS == not-so-cool, Linux == very bad.
7. They trash Linux as soon as they encounter it, complaining always that it is hard to use, where in fact they do not want to learn about the new OS. Some may even insist this even though you have already explained everything in a child-level explanation.

So far, these are the only things I could think about.

At least I got it off my chest.


Multiply Comments:

akosihyro wrote on Oct 11
That was so weird, i mean, for crying out loud because of what, operating systems? Grow up, _ _ _ _ _. GROW UP????? Hahaha choba lang.

At kung igeneralize mo naman ang mga windows users. Hahaha. It’s a matter of preferences, my friend.

And actually, a growing number of people now actually prefers Mac OS over Windows, like, it’s the IN-THING kaya. Hahahaha. High-end. Daw. Plus the GUI, they say, is a lot more user-friendly.

And I agree with your friend isit, well, not everyone had the chance to learn how to use Linux. Hindi naman lingid sa ating kaalaman na lumaki tayong Windows talaga ang OS natin sa mga computers, kahit nung High School tayo, remember?

Pero in fairness ang-geek lang ng rant mong ito. Hahaha.

thegenuisishere wrote on Oct 8

maybe I WAS a bit harsh…

Anyway, I am not forcing anyone to change OSs… These are only observations I don’t like.

egnarts wrote on Oct 8
isit said

geeky as you are (no insult intended)

GEEK!! ROFL….(insult intended…)
kekekeke…. XD

>:D [ang sama ko, Chan]

egnarts wrote on Oct 8
Mac is better than Windows…
if I only had the money for it… XD
Linux? you know my reasons why I can’t use it… [bad bad bad people]

isit wrote on Oct 8
Well, not everyone has the quality time to learn LINUX, so forgive them for not being as geeky as you are (no insult intended).

Peace out.

aegisgene wrote on Oct 8, edited on Oct 8
hey.. calm down my friend..:) remember: avoid biase..:D

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