Articles You May Want To Read IV

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Nov 4, ’08 12:18 PM

This is my very first post on the month of November.

Anyway, reading is very good for the brain, so why not read the following?

1. Cuil Stumbles out of the Gate…_the_gate.html
2. FAQ: How to Dodge the DNS Bug…e_dns_bug.html
3. A Photo That Can Steal Your Facebook Account…k_account.html
4. PC Owners Urged to Manage Power Use and Save Money…ave_money.html
5. Firefox Closer to Supporting Open-source Video Codec…deo_codec.html
6. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo Sued for Sex Selection Ads in India…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
7. Researchers Craft Multimedia Passwords…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
8. Dutch Police, FBI Rein in Large Botnet…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
9. AOL Phisher Gets Seven Year Sentence…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
10. Eight Quick Ways to Get Your Site Blacklisted…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
11. VMware CEO Apologizes for ‘Time Bomb’ Mess…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
12. ISO, IEC Reject Appeals, Approve OOXML Spec…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
13. Spammers Use Free Web Services to Shield Links…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
14. Xcelsius: How to Ruin a Great Application…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
15. Too Many Passwords or Not Enough Brain Power?…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
16. Nvidia Hit With Securities Lawsuit Over Bad Graphics Chips…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
17. P-to-P Network Administrator Gets Prison Sentence…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
18. Did Microsoft Learn its Lessons with Vista?…l?tk=nl_wvxnws
19. What Autoloading Programs Should I Keep?…l?tk=nl_wvxhow
20. How Do I Gain Administrator Access Without a Password?…l?tk=nl_wvxhow
21. Some ‘Cyberloafing’ is OK, Study Says…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
22. The Hazards of Being Too Nice at Work…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
23. Woman whose dogs mauled neighbor gets 15 to life…al_dog_mauling
24. Is HP building a custom Linux distro for home computers?…ome-computers/
25. Agenda Posted for the Linux Kernel Summit…-kernel-summit
26. Linux Growing Faster Than Ever
27. Canonical funds Linux in a bid to overtake the Mac…=rss&subj=news
28. Is Linux growing at Windows’ or Unix’s expense?
29. Lenovo – nope, no Linux here,…469549b,00.htm
30. Microsoft Hyper-V welcomes Suse Linux as guest OS,1…9486984,00.htm
31. Canonical to tackle Linux design and usability…ility–/111517
32. Scientific Linux is Part of the Large Hadron Collider Grid…_collider_grid
33. Suse Linux virtualized on Windows–why?
34. Ubuntu to work more with larger Linux community…inux_community
35. The Market Loves Linux (That’s Why It’s Thriving)
36. Red Hat – Free Software done horribly wrong…-horribly.html
37. How Linux is keeping Microsoft honest (and why SBS sucks)
38. Aspire One: Victorian Education Discriminating Against Linux?…against-linux/
39. With Linux, Even Rootkits Are Open Source…re-open-source
40. Open source release takes Linux rootkits mainstream…tkit_released/
41. Black Duck Joins The Linux Foundation…n,534577.shtml
42. Distribution Release: STUX GNU/Linux 2.0
43. Linux: has the horse bolted?…s_horse_bolted
44. Linux in top five mobile OSes
45. Mac, Linux, Windows, YouTube.. scary…youtube-scary/
46. Intel, Nokia and Google do battle in mobile Linux market…nux-market.htm
47. In Pictures: How to Spot an E-Mail Scam…mail_scam.html
48. Accused of Tolerating Scammers, an ISP Goes Dark…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
49. Finnish gunman who made Web videos kills 10, self…chool_shooting
50. Why Linux Is Not King Of The Operating Systems
51. Three blue screens of death and an iTunes mess…an_itunes_mess
52. High-end developers choose commercial Linux…ose-commercial
53. 42 of the Best Free Linux Graphics Software
54. Cassidy: Linux devotee tries to spread the word…746?source=rss
55. VLC gets a new look on Windows and Linux…Linux–/111527
56. Firefox EULA causes Ubuntu Linux concerns…untu-conc.html
57. SightSpeed to Announce Linux Version,…498448b,00.htm
58. Eee Box B202 – What happened to Linux?…ened-to-linux/
59. OpenOffice 3 Release Candidate Arrives…didate_arrives
60. Linux feels the need for speed…1259&blogid=17
61. Would Vista eventually outwit Linux ?…id=1112&Cat=23
62. 10 ways to make Linux boot faster…9291984,00.htm
63. SongBird – free iTunes like Media player and web browser…d-web-browser/
64. Word-of-mouth is Linux’s best bet for success
65. How to Run Linux from an USB Flash Drive…b-flash-drive/
66. Linux examined: Xandros Professional…intsrc=kc_feat
67. 10 Ways to Waste Time on the Web…n_the_web.html
68. End Office and Windows Annoyances…l?tk=nl_sbxcol
69. How Do Tech Terms Become Legit?…l?tk=nl_bdxnws.
70. 10 Future Shocks for the Next 10 Years…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
71. Hurricane Ike and the Electronic Divide…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
72. No Charges as Grand Jury Investigates Palin Hack…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
73. Former Alcatel Exec Sentenced to Jail on Bribery Charges…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
74. Controversial ISP Intercage Now Back Online…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
75. Bush warns ‘entire economy is in danger’…e/bush_markets
76. Finland bewildered by deadly school shootings…d_what_s_wrong
77. Linux unfit for mobile says Symbian…-says-symbian/
78. Is Linux the greatest threat to Windows Vista?…windows-vista/
79. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still Vista…ts_still_vista
80. How to catch Linux system intruders…h-linux-467913
81. Red Hat is the top Linux kernel contributor, but what about Canonical?
82. Mandriva unveils Linux for netbooks…linux-netbooks
83. A new Linux landscape…689999236.html
84. Canonical CTO bites back at Linux Plumbers Conference keynote…–/news/111554
85. Google: Chrome likely to land on Mac before Linux
86. Mozilla revises Linux Firefox agreement…efox_agreement
87. Linux Promotion in Mall Kiosks…all+Kiosks.htm
88. 10 things Linux does better than Windows
89. Linux security v Microsoft security, the great debate…at-debate.aspx.
90. Twelve Myths about Free and Open Source Software…e+Software.htm
91. Linux criticisms probably won’t win Solaris converts…=rss&subj=news
92. Open source: The new usability testing
93. Hackers Resurrect Notorious Attack Toolkit…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
94. Why Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ Ads Won’t Attack Apple…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
95. Man Charged in ‘warez’ Piracy Sentenced to Probation…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
96. After Password Glitch, Firefox Patch Due Next Week…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
97. Orkut Removes Communities Supporting Indian Terrorists…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
98. MySpace Music Could Shake up Digital Music…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
99. How to Fortify Your Connection…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
100. Xinhua Runs Spacewalk Story Before Astronauts Leave Earth…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
101. The 10 Most Overrated Products…l?tk=nl_bexsld
102. Palin Hack: How It Happened and How to Keep Your Account Safe…l?tk=nl_spxblg
103. New Twists and Turns in Palin E-Mail Hack…l?tk=nl_spxnws
104. Palin E-Mail Hack Shows Webmail’s Flaw…l?tk=nl_spxnws
105. Other Webmail Services Share Password Reset Flaw…l?tk=nl_spxnws
106. California Hacker Charged With Stealing, Extortion…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
107. Microsoft Confirms It: Windows 7 Preview this Fall…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
108. Computer Users Overeager to Click Popup ‘OKs’…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
109. Mozilla Patches 11 Bugs in Firefox…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
110. Free Software: It’s About the Money…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
111. Is Sun Solaris on Its Deathbed?…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
112. Windows 7 Developments You Should Know About…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
113. Microsoft, Washington State to Sue ‘scareware’ Pushers…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
114. Security Research Warns of ‘Clickjacking’ Browser Flaw…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
115. Trojan Can Grab Extra Personal Banking Data…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
116. Cracking a Gmail Account…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
117. Notorious ISP Intercage Goes Dark Again…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
118. Web Gives Hackers More Territory, Tools…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
119. Tech Myths That Just Won’t Die…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
120. The quotable Bill Gates: In his own words…icleId=9101838
121. QuickStudy: Internet2…icleId=9002735
122. Extend Your Wi-Fi Range With a Parabolic Reflector…l?tk=nl_wbxsld
123. iPhone 1.0: Sell It While It’s Hot…e_its_hot.html
124. Cool Linux Propaganda Images…aganda-images/
125. Editor’s Note: What Linux Can Do That Those Big Proprietary Innovators Can’t
126. 32 times faster deleting your home directory
127. The “Baby” Man Page: More Linux and Unix Jokes…nix-jokes.html
128. Hidden Linux : Unadulterated…rated_ope.html
129. How to join the Linux movement
130. Astrophysicists Rely on Linux to Crunch Data…to-crunch-data
131. Test Drive OpenOffice 3 Release Candidate 1…e-candidate-1/
132. Microsoft kills its ‘Get the Facts’ anti-Linux site
133. Microsoft tried to muck with anti-Linux ‘facts’
134. Attention Microsoft: I’m A PC (Running Ubuntu Linux)…-ubuntu-linux/
135. Dow plummets record 777 as financial rescue fails…re/wall_street
136. Palin: Pakistan remark was a response to a voter…palin_pakistan
137. Ex-teacher in Neb. gets 6 years in sex case…student_flight
138. Suicide attacks kill 1,188 in Pakistan since ’07…as/as_pakistan
139. Cadbury pulls melamine-laced chocolate from China…a_tainted_milk
140. British soldier kills Afghan civilian after warning: official…nunrestbritain
141. Gentoo Linux Cancels Distribution…stribution.htm
142. Sundown On Solaris?…n_on_sola.html
143. Solving the open source vs. proprietary driver debate in the Linux kernel
144. Devil-Linux distro bundles router/firewall and server in one live CD
145. 5 Things That Make Linux Great
146. Even When Linux Fans Win, They Lose…win-they-lose/
147. A brief history of computers and free software: where is the money?…e_is_the_money
148. A future without Microsoft…hout_microsoft
149. Linux Where You’d Least Expect It…ech/64627.html
150. Opinion: Linux Foundation’s misguided attacks on Solaris…eatures/111607
151. CME Group Joins Linux Foundation, Promotes Open Source for the Financial Sector…pen-source.htm
152. Linux On a Nutshell…on-a-nutshell/
153. Major kernel bug smacks Linux distros
154. Battle of the Linux Distros…-linux-distros
155. Linus Torvalds on Linux Distributions…ux-distri.html
156. Linus Torvalds, Geek of the Week…k-of-the-week/
157. What is Linux Hosting?…linux-hosting/
158. Linux Foundation Launches New Linux Event – LinuxCon – and Announces 2009 Event Lineup…-event-lineup/
159. x2x is a software alternative to a KVM switch
160. Make Linux: Harder – Better – Faster…better-faster/
161. Top 5 Least Popular Linux Distributions That Could…ributions.html
162. Omega 10 Desktop Linux…_Desktop_Linux
163. When Linux goes bad: the e1000e Ethernet bug…-ethernet-bug/
164. Putting a Linux Shine on Chrome
165. MEPIS Linux 8.0 nears release…nears-release/
166. Top 3 Bad Linux Distros…linux-distros/
167. The 14 best Linux distros…distros-465771
168. ParanoidLinux
169. Converting pi to binary: Don’t do it!…linuxunix.html
170. Are Linux and open source really cheaper? Users, analysts weigh in
171. Consider these Linux file management alternatives…9292298,00.htm
172. Top 5 Linux references in pop-culture
173. Open Source Census Finds FOSS Everywhere…rce_cen_1.html
174. Mobile mesh networking software to debut on Linux
175. OpenGEU 8.04 Review…-linux-review/
176. 100 reasons Linux beats Windows
177. 5 reasons to upgrade from Windows Vista to Linux
178. Gmail+Weather+Beauty right on your Ubuntu desktop…buntu-desktop/
179. Three Little Things To Make Your Ubuntu Desktop Beautiful and Productive…nd-productive/
180. Debunking the “Unpaid Labour” Linux Myth…ur-linux-myth/
181. Should Palm drop their Linux plans and embrace Android?
182. The Linux Safety Net: Living Fast and Dangerous
183. Adding a new hard disk to Linux, and why the Linux filesystem trounces Windows’ butt
184. Cloud computing is “stupidity,” says Linux guru Richard Stallman…upidity-s.html
185. Financial Crisis Offers Opportunity for Linux, Open Source…x-Open-Source/
186. Six Reasons Why Linux Is Right for Small Business…le.php/3775231
187. Viral ethics for Linux users…r-linux-users/
188. Who writes Linux: Corporate America…porate_america
189. Linux is Making Me Fat and Lazy…is-making.html
190. Linux Kernel Development (April 200…evelopment.php
191. Enterprises Overpay for Antivirus Software, Says Analyst…l?tk=nl_bpxnws
192. IP Piracy Bill Passes Through US Congress…l?tk=nl_bpxnws
193. Judge Dismisses IPhone Suit Against Apple…l?tk=nl_inxnws
194. iPhone class action plaintiff clearly doesn’t read this blog…laintiff_1.php
195. First iPhone Class-Action Suit Against Apple and AT&T…att-283280.php
196. Black Monday Hits Tech Stocks, May Affect Workforce…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
197. Just What Color Is a Security Hole?…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
198. 23 Things I Wish Would Just Go Away…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
199. Two Tenacious Exploits Debunk Vendor Claims…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
200. Anatomy of a malware scam…omy_of_a_hack/

Wow! 200 links! No more, no less. 🙂

Never expected that, folks! 🙂

Articles You May Want To Read III is here.

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  1. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me.

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