Articles You May Want To Read V

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I have nothing to do…

So I compiled all the links again here.

1. Recent Accomplishments Highlight the Success of MontaVista Linux in Extending Quality, Integration, and Speed of Development for Mobile Phone Manufacturers
2. Build better blogs with Linux
3. Comcast’s Cap May Mean Less Snooping on Your Net Browsing…l?tk=nl_spxcol
4. 15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads…l?tk=nl_spxrvw
5. Clickjacking Vulnerability to Be Revealed Next Month…l?tk=nl_spxnws
6. Five Mistakes Security Pros Would Make Again…l?tk=nl_spxnws
7. FCC Rules Against Comcast P-to-P Throttling…hrottling.html
8. Ouch! Security Pros’ Worst Mistakes…Worst_Mistakes
9. How Schwan’s Foods Cashed In on Virtualization…alization.html
10. Fedora gets mixed review in ‘girlfriend test’
11. Linux: the girlfriend test…5968?artc_pg=1
12. Five operating systems that time forgot…-forgot-471423
13. Analysts: iPhone 3G Launch More Significant…gnificant.html
14. iPhone Activation Woes Hit Early Buyers…ly_buyers.html
15. Swedes Sought Extras to Bulk Up iPhone Queue…one_queue.html
16. Yahoo’s COKE Project Adds Life to Front Page…ront_page.html
17. London Launch of iPhone 3G Marred by Software Problems…_problems.html
18. Analysts: Think Twice Before Choosing iPhone Contract…_contract.html
19. Dear Sir or Madam: Lottery Scams Proliferate…oliferate.html
20. Remembering Longer Passwords Easily…ds_easily.html
21. Microsoft Rewards Search — but Only With Internet Explorer…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
22. The Truth About Windows Alternatives…ernatives.html
23. Two Europeans Charged in US Over DDOS Attacks…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
24. Engineer May Have Texted Seconds Before Train Crash…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
25. Bad Things Happen to Unlicensed Windows Users…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
26. Vendors Fixing Bug That Could Crash Internet Systems…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
27. Red Hat Undercuts Microsoft on High-performance OS Pricing…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
28. Did Linux Foundation go too far vs. Solaris?…ar-vs-solaris/
29. Ubuntu 8.10 Beta Screenshot Tour…ur-94796.shtml

Old Articles:
30. Alternatives to Windows…to-windows.php
31. One Third of Consumers are DVD Pirates?…l?tk=nl_bexblg
32. Sandbox Security Versus the Evil Web…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
33. How That IT Job Wears Your Body Down…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
34. California Enacts Cell-phone Driving Ban…l?tk=nl_csxnws
35. Using Vista Instead of XP Is Dumb…e?tk=nl_csxnws
36. XP downgrades are just plain dumb…ust_plain_dumb
37. The New Face of R&D at IBM, HP and Microsoft…microsoft.html
36. Rambus Sues Nvidia…es_nvidia.html
39. Linux Examined: OpenSUSE 11.0…nsuse_110.html
40. Internet Bug Fix Spawns Backlash From Hackers…m_hackers.html
41. Canadians Blast iPhone Pricing…e?tk=nl_csxnws

New Ones (Again):
42. Linux Netbooks Are Returned 4X More Than Win XP Versions, Says MSI…sions-says-msi
43. Smack, crack, hack and track any network with Linux (not Windows)

44. Mating toads leap the species barrier…s-barrier.html

45. Patch Management Needs Patching…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
46. Google Says Its Data Centers Are the Most Efficient…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
47. Security Researcher Reveals iPhone Design Flaws…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
48. Survey: Many Computer Users Lack Basic Security Precautions…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
49. Apple Attacks Psystar’s Antitrust Claim…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
50. Microsoft Settles on Sites for Search Centers in Europe…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
51. The Bottom 10: The Web’s Most Useless Sites…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
52. 100 Web Sites–The List by Category…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
53. How often do we need GNU/Linux releases?
54. New DOS Attack Is a Killer…&doc_id=164939
55. Jim Zemlin’s New Linux Conference (And Old Solaris News)…mlins_new.html

56. Your classmate has died—but not really…comments/5218/
57. Fake Terrorism Drill

58. Linux: 6 Useful Extensions to Improve Nautilus Functionality…functionality/
59. Financial crisis may bode well for Linux
60. When Linux does well: the e1000e Ethernet bug fixed…rnet_bug_fixed
61. 5 Things I Wish Linux Had
62. e1000e Bug Squashed — Linux Kernel Patch Released
63. Bogus Jobs’ Heart Attack Report Rattles Citizen Journalism…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
64. Desktop Linux?
65. Ubuntu – At last a Linux for the rest of us…he-rest-of-us/
66. Microsoft Discontinues Mobile Browser Project…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
67. Live Labs kills Deepfish; suspends Volta downloads
68. The Cyber Crime Hall of Fame,2817,2329604,00.asp
69. Researcher Tells How to Hack Image Backups…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
70. Microsoft Grants Windows XP Yet Another Reprieve…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
71. Vista’s a Hit in India…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
72. Mozilla Keeps Thunderbird in Alpha…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
73. Hong Kong Cracks Down on Piracy…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
74. ‘Ransomware’ Virus-Writer Identified…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
75. Linux on Netbooks a Failure?
76. Free, Professional Music Production: A Linux Introduction…-introduction/
77. Linux Falters in NetBooks…s-in-netbooks/
78. MSI: Wind Doing Well, Linux Version Not So Much…on_Not_So_Much
79. Review: PC-BSD 7
80. 7 Reasons Why BSD Is Better than Linux…09_22_08a.html
81. The Future of Linux with Netbooks…with-netbooks/
82. Linux turns 17
83. Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter

84. Barcelona embracing open source
85. Study finds Windows more secure than Linux…ecurity17.html

Current News (Again)
86. Microsoft Treating “Windows-Only” As Open Source
87. Asian markets plunge on fears crisis is spreading
88. AP Investigation: Ike environmental toll apparent…ne_environment
89. GNU turns 25
90. MSI Announces Wind 2, Says Customers Hate Linux…nounces-w.html
91. Casual Friday: The Nerd Quiz…l?tk=nl_wbxnws
92. Company: Microsoft’s Windows Campaign Violates Trademark…trademark.html
93. What Processes are Safe to Close?…l?tk=nl_wvxhow
94. Is That Keyboard Toxic?…l?tk=nl_bnxnws

For possible Linux c0nverts:

Articles You May Want To Read IV is here.


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