5 Things I Wish The Philippines Does Have

Published on Multiply Nov. 14, 2008, 12:19 PM

This is again a wish list.

1. Skyscrapers. Currently, we do not have skyscrapers. But then, I guess we just don’t have the money to build them. Or rather, as one of my friends said, “It’s the pockets of our politicians that are reaching the sky.”

2. Better sidewalks. I do wish we have quality sidewalks, not just a strip of land on the side of the street (if there is anything at all) that people have to fall in line just to walk through.

3. More Disciplined People. I’m not saying we are not disciplined, it’s just that we do fall short of it. If we have discipline, we are not going to drive our cars while we’re drunk, not spit and litter everywhere, not going to avoid the pedestrian line and go jaywalking – the things like that. I admit that I’m somewhat generalizing, but I do not mean that we ARE all like this. It’s just that a greater portion of the population do.

4. More Trees. I do believe that man and nature can coexist peacefully – that’s why God entrusted to us this world in the first place, and we should, in turn, be good stewards of it. However, it seems like man has a liking of concrete and bare, unfruitful lands, and see nature as a barrier in fulfilling his needs. This is not only a wish I want for the Philippines, but for the whole world as well.

5. Family Planning. We do have family planning practices in place now, but it has just no teeth, coupled further with the church trying to discredit it. It seems that we are still held by the belief of what God have said after the Great Flood – “Go forth and multiply.” HELLO! We have only limited land in the first place, and we are not yet a first-world country, yet alone a developed country. Secondly, this commandment God made during the time when the world was devoid of animal life (we are classified under the Kingdom Animalia, remember?). However, we ARE currently in the state of population explosion (not only us, but the whole world) and there is no need to reproduce too much at the moment. Don’t just we ever learn that excessive population is one cause of poverty? Maybe this is the reason why rich people and rich nations tend to have lower birth rates, while the poor have higher birth rates that tend to further aggravate their situation.

Btw, there is a cruel joke about overpopulation and the church: If the church allows family planning and the gradual decline of the population continue, they’ll be bankrupt, for there are no more people making tithes, no more couples to bind, no more children to baptize, no more people to convert (though I believe there are more dead people to anoint). All of which involve money flowing from the religious to the church. Maybe this is also the reason why the church has no taxes at all and are resistant to pay them, if there is any.

Believe me, we are not going to be extinct just because of low birth rates. The same goes true with the church.

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abyespejo wrote on Nov 14
tama… sana din may subway tayo… =)

akosihyro wrote on Nov 14


Nakapunta ka na ba sa Ortigas o sa Makati?

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