Articles You May Want To Read VI

Posted in Multiply on Nov. 8, 2008, 2:38 PM
Links time again!

1. Strong Earthquake jolts Tibet, killing 30…ina_earthquake
2. Lawmaker’s home bombed in Pakistan; 15 dead…as/as_pakistan
3. Don’t Buy Antivirus Software, Vendor Says…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
4. Militants Send Terror Messages in India by ‘wardriving’…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
5. EBay Buys Payment Firm for Almost $1B, Lays off Over 1,000…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
6. The one thing I hate about Linux…e-about-linux/

For Developers (I think):
7. Mono 2.0 on Linux released
8. Mono 2.0…why not Microsoft?
9. Linux ready to replace Windows? Not yet…
10. Is .NET on Linux Finally Ready?…ally+Ready.htm

11. 3 Linux Apps That Make Me Hate Windows…-hate-windows/
12. Day One On Linux: What Would You Miss?…ould-you-miss/
13. Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex beta available: Don’t install it on your laptop yet…tall-it-on-yo/
14. Police fire tear gas against crowd…litical_unrest
15. What’s So Evil About Mono?…so-evil-a.html

Here are articles…
… from The Register
16. Judge traps RealDVD in legal limbo…ourt_decision/
17. Acer: We’re comin’ at ya, Dell…ld_domination/
18. In-body electric eel tech to make ‘leccy from body fat…tech_proposal/
19. How Wikipedia Works…ipedia_200810/
20. Yahoo! engineer arrested in Indian terror swoop

…from The Inquirer:
21. UK to run out of electricity this winter…tricity-winter
22. Assault on batteries could fatten Ipod…es-fatten-ipod
23. Pub quiz cheat service reaches a milestone…each-milestone
24. Parental controls for cars are a-coming…-controls-cars
25. Mozilla’s Geode will keep tabs on you…launches-geode

26. Bad marketing undermines Linux netbooks
27. Untangle Joins The Linux Foundation…n,569272.shtml
28. PC-BSD 7 is a mixed bag
29. Fish snapped snacking at 4,200 fathoms
30. Biggest Enemy Of Linux Netbooks Isn’t Windows – It’s Expectations…t_enemy_o.html
31. Vista R.I.P.…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
32. Google Chrome = Dead, Google Search = Hot…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
33. AMD Break-up: Two Voices From Europe…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
34. Microsoft, NYU Aim to Woo Preteens to Math, Science…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
35. Apple Doesn’t Need Jobs, Analyst Says…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
36. Porn Filters on In-flight Wi-Fi May Be Just the Start…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
37. Browser metrics: IE slide continues, Firefox slips…src=hm_ts_head
38. Is Chrome the first epic fail at Google?
39. Stupid Chrome bug: Why I’m switching back to Firefox
40. Linux distros lead jumps from Sun…rge_quits_sun/
41. Become a multimedia pro with the Vector Linux Multimedia Bonus Disc
42. The Brazilian GNU/Linux Insigne Momentum 5.0 Operating System Strengthens Brazilian Digital Inclusion Program
43. How To Find Linux Geeks…x-geeks-draft/
44. Canonical Confirms MSI’s Linux Return Rate Statement…Rate_Statement
45. What’s Coming in Ubuntu 8.10?…n_Ubuntu_8_10_
46. What’s coming in Ubuntu 8.10?…in-ubuntu-810/

For Newbies:
47. What is Linux?
48. Enjoying games with GNU/Linux
49. A quick intro to Linux for Windows users

UI Managers:
50. XPde:
51. Enlightenment:
52. IceWM:
53. BlackBox:
54. Window Maker:
55. FluxBox:

56. The Open Racing Car Simulator:
57. KSpaceduel
58. Flight Gear:

Continuing further…

59. How to Prevent a Data Disaster…l?tk=nl_ptxrvw
60. Microsoft Gives Apache Cash to Promote Open Source…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
61. Software Piracy Hurts the Open-Source Community Too…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
62. Microsoft Plays up Hyper-V Versus VMware…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
63. Sony Recalls 73,000 Vaio Laptops Due to Burn Hazard…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
64. Google Amends Chrome License Agreement After Objections…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
65. Researcher: Chrome’s Isolated Tabs Make It Memory ‘Pig’…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
66. Microsoft’s IE Market Share Drops Again…l?tk=nl_bnxnws
67. Developers: Firefox 3.1 Update Should Be “Easy”…d_be_easy.html
68. Apple iPhone 3G Dies Hard…dies_hard.html
69. Spam King Faces Sentencing…entencing.html
70. Sun Lays Off 1000 Employees…employees.html

71. IPhone Owner Survey Shows High Satisfaction…l?tk=nl_inxnws

Further in…
72. Drop That DVD-Copying Software Now!…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
73. Anatomy of a SQL Injection Attack…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
74. Mozilla Adds Geographic Tagging to Firefox…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
75. Netbooks Will Boost Adoption of Linux, Says Novell CTO…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
76. Palin Hacking Charge Flawed, Lawyers Say…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
77. Researchers Reveal ‘Clickjacking’ Attack Info…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
78. Mozilla Readies Firefox 3.1 Features…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
79. Micron to Cut Staff by 15 Percent…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
80. Put an End to Cell Phone Spam…l?tk=nl_spxhow
81. Is It a Virus?…l?tk=nl_spxcol
82. Researcher Finds Evidence of Massive Site Compromise…l?tk=nl_spxnws
83. Apple Faces Fight to Free iTunes From DRM…l?tk=nl_iwxblg
84. Lessons Learned: IT’s Biggest Project Failures…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
85. Microsoft to Improve Vista’s Problematic UAC in Windows 7…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
86. Forget the damn Linux netbooks. Can Windows replace Windows?
87. Windows XP takes on Linux in the netbook market
88. Are netbooks a threat to Macs?
89. Slavish reporters join Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land…rosoft.ballmer
90. 1990-1995: Microsoft’s Yellow Road to Cairo….473899D7D.html
91. Windows $NEXT_VERSION will floor all comers…or-all-comers/
92. Microsoft Bob
93. Hands on: How to get more from Linux…extras-4097183
94. Unraveling the Red Box Myth
95. Linux For The Masses: Are We There Yet?…-we-there-yet/
96. Unraveling the Utopian System that Runs All Software Imaginable Myth
97. Unraveling The Copy/Paste Development Myth
98. The Microsoft Invincibility Myth…40AC8A317.html
99. Market Share Myth: Nailed!…90BCFD5CC.html
100. The Apple Market Share Myth…13215F98E.html
101. New Media and Free Market Choice…90B8F165E.html
102. The Online Music and Movie Rental Myth…AC702CF19.html
103. The Microsoft iPod-Killer Myth…800E6D44D.html
104. Opera Promises Faster Surfing With New Browser…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
15. Apple Releases Another Mega-Patch for Mac OS X…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
106. Microsoft Readies Flood of Patches…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
107. When in Doubt, Consider the Customer…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
108. Mafiaboy Grows Up; a Hacker Seeks Redemption…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
109. Microsoft Sues DHL After Train Dumps 21,600 Xboxes…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
110. Obama Beats McCain as Spam Target…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
111. Linux at 17 – what Windows promised to be8212;…ised-to-be8212
112. Linux 2.6.27 Released
113. CyberLink’s media playback software goes Linux…rss&subj=Crave
114. Linux Shortcuts and Commands:
115. Netbook returns blamed on Linux ‘teething problems’,1…9500489,00.htm
116. The 10 Best Linux Distributions
117. The joy of X – master the Linux GUI
118. Surviving the recession with Free Linux distributions (Part 1)
119. Worst Windows Flaws of the Past Decade…l?tk=nl_wvxnws
120. Stupid hacker tricks, part two: The folly of youth…ml?source=fssr
121. Stupid user tricks 3: IT admin follies…ml?source=fssr
122. Boot Linux faster…ry/l-boot.html
123. At 17, Is Linux Still Wet Behind the Ears?
124. Top 10 reasons to be paranoid…a-index_1.html
125. Update: Excuses on iPod virus not credible…supdate_1.html
126. The 7 dirtiest jobs in IT…ch-jobs_1.html
127. Don’t take a (memory) dump where you eat…ackers1_1.html
128. Beware the bounty hunter in gym class…ackers2_1.html
129. The upper limit of enhancement…ackers3_1.html
130. A spammer by any other name…ackers4_1.html
131. Say my name, worm…ackers5_1.html
132. Here’s how I steal passwords, officer…ackers6_1.html
133. The LXF Test: 3.0…rticle&sid=751
134. Security Software Performs Poorly in Exploit Test…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
135. Which Linux makes the best business Windows replacement desktop?…cement_desktop
136. 3.0 is an incremental improvement
137. Linux takes a seat on Qantas’ new superjumbo;1980267549
138. Linux Summit Will Preview New Advanced File System…ed_File_System

Old News:
139. Code Red hits DSL routers, cable-modem networks…odereddsl.html
140. Study: Slammer was fastest spreading worm yet…lamfast_1.html
141. Blaster worm spreading, experts warn of attack…terworm_1.html
142. Biography of a Worm

From uncyclopedia

143. Rickrolling
144. Bill Gates
145. Linus Torvalds
146. Steve Jobs
147. Xbox
148. Microsoft
149. Windows NT
150. Windows Vista
151. Windows Me
153. Windows Error
154. Windows Genuine Advantage

Continuing.. (again)
155. Use Gmail to Fight Spam…l?tk=nl_coxblg
156. How Linux Helped 5 Poverty-Stricken Governments…n-governments/
157. Living in the Past: Perceptions of Linux…tions-of-linux
158. KDE Desktops For 52 Million Students In Brazil…59232&from=rss
159. 23,000 Linux PCs forge education revolution in Philippines;1163450117
160. Fighting the “legacy” reputations of GNU/Linux, seventeen years later…en_years_later

Enjoy! 🙂


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