“I Hate Open Source, But I’m Pirated”

Published on Multiply Oct. 18, 2008, 12:06 PM

“I hate Linux; I love Windows / Mac OS X. I hate OpenOffice; I love MS Office. I hate k3b (what’s that, anyway?); I love Nero. I love Kaspersky. I love Windows Vista Ultimate. I love Mac OS X 10.5. I love Winrar. I love the Adobe Creative Suite. I love proprietary software. I love close source. Only that… *murmur*.”

Only what?

Shy to say you’re programs are pirated?

But you love them. Why not buy them?

Ahhh… It’s because you have no money. And that these programs’ price tags are in dollars. I repeat, DOLLARS. Maybe still in Euros or Dinar, if you’re lucky.

And yet you despise pirates, spammers and thieves. Look at yourself: aren’t you a thief?

You often say you hate the open source movement. You say they suck (as compared to proprietary ones). You hate Linux especially, the ultimate alternative for proprietary OSes and the crown (with OpenOffice, I believe) of the open source movement.

But you boast of your system. Which is of course all PIRATED.

Maybe the reason is also connected to why people have counterfiet jewelry: the need to be “with the flow.”

They say poverty is everywhere. Even in the IT world, with the impending recession in the US.
They say that one of the causes of poverty is capitalism, especially monopolies.

In the IT world, they also say that one of the biggest buget allocations are licensing fees.

You love your programs, esp. proprietary and closed sourced. However, you refuse to buy them.

(Technically, you are not buying the program itself. You are only buying the license. READ THE EULA FOR MORE INFO.)

Furthermore, you hate open source alternatives.

Thus, you surf for cracks, keygens, serials and patches in the net. Just to get rid of these programs’ built-in license verifiers.

Yet you hate scammers, robbers and muggers.

What do you think you are?

Multiply Comments:

deantastic wrote on Oct 18
I dual boot Vista and Linux, and my Vista was, uhm, “preloaded” when I bought my Acer. tee-hee. Pirated Vista and genuine Ubuntu cancel each other out, right? 🙂

thegenuisishere wrote on Oct 18
k3b is a open source alternative to Nero.. together with Brasero.

K3b is installed on KDE-based distros by default, Brasero on GNOME.

But I do think that k3b is better than brasero.

egnarts wrote on Oct 18
I love OPEN-SOURCE!! but i just can’t go with it…(you know my reasons… >

egnarts wrote on Oct 18

I love Kaspersky. I love Windows Vista Ultimate.

eww… Windows Vista….the worst OS ever…(well, that came to our home anyways..)
Kaspersky? the name already sucks!

egnarts wrote on Oct 18

I hate k3b (what’s that, anyway?);

di nga…ano to?

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