Articles You May Want To Read VII

Posted on Multiply Dec, 5, 2008, 8:15 pm

Links again…

1. 15 Tips For a Better Linux Experience…ux-experience/
2. Howto Tweak Ubuntu
3. Getting The Word Out About 3…g_the_wor.html
4. OpenOffice 3 Available for Mac, Windows and Linux…d=032001VRUC1S
5. Mandriva Linux 2009 released…inux-2009.html
6. OpenOffice 3 Is Here. Can You Tell?…can_you_t.html
7. Office Suite Software Without the Sticker Shock…111200143.html
8. Linux-for-the-masses narratives…es-narratives/
9. Ubuntu Bug #1
10. Video and photos show Linux booting on the brazilian voting machines
11. 20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life…l?tk=nl_coxhow
12. Gadgets That Solve Everyday Problems…l?tk=nl_sbxcol
13. Will the Real Spam King Please Stand Up?…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
14. SCUBA-diving cat…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
15. Next Windows? Just Windows 7, Microsoft Says…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
16. 3.0 Release Trips up Community’s Web Site…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
17. Bush Enacts PRO-IP Anti-piracy Law…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
18. Willing to Pay a ‘Mac Tax’?…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
19. Direct Buy Attorney THREAT Letter
20. Don’t Post This Cease-and-Desist Letter, Or Else…ublish-th.html
21. Vaporware Awards 2007:…2/YE_Vaporware
22. What Comes After the Windows Era?…er-windows-era
23. ‘Experimental’ Security Fix Is Malware, Microsoft Says…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
24. Streisand effect
25. The Sleazy Life and Nasty Death of Russia’s Spam King
26. Update: Here’s Why It’s Windows 7…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
27. How Linux Can Conquer The Laptop…leID=211200076
28. Linux’s Market Share: Is There Any Way To Know?…y-way-to-know/
29. Holiday Tips Extravaganza…l?tk=nl_sbxcol
30. gnuLinEx
31. Decorate Your PC for the Holidays…r,1/files.html
32. Say So Long to Shrink-Wrapped Software…_software.html
33. The Credit Card Prank
34. The Credit Card Prank II
35. An Interview with an Extremadura Developer: Bringing Linux to the Masses…to-the-masses/
36. Surviving the recession with Free Enterprise OSes (Part 2)
37. Geode in Firefox 3.1: Lost in Linux…_lost_in_linux
38. Python 3.0 makes a big break
39. How popular are various programming languages?…ng-statistics/
40. 68 Linux Related Free E-books…-free-e-books/
41. Mandriva 2009 helps new users to grow
42. Save Money by Watching the Watts…the_watts.html
43. 23 Things to Do With a Thumb Drive…umb_drive.html
44. 15 Undocumented Firefox Tips…efox_tips.html
45. Six Savvy Ways to Get More Prints for Less Money…ess_money.html
46. Patch Tuesday: Security the Focus as Microsoft, Oracle Patch Bugs…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
47. Scripting Languages Your Developers Want to Use…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
48. FTC, NZ Authorities Hit Massive Spam Operation…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
49. Opera to Web Developers: Come to MAMA…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
50. Visa Prank
51. This is Michael Jackson’s credit card.
52. The Powerbook Prank
53. The Senator Prank
55. Linux Education Is The Key To Popularity…to-popularity/
56. 35 Things Every PC User Should Know…l?tk=nl_mcxhow
57. Interesting Linux Blogs To Follow…ogs-to-follow/
58. Qantas ‘Superjumbo’ to Use Linux-powered In-flight Entertainment
59. Lightweight, Linux-compatible browser evolves
60. Virus shuts down sales of ASUS eee PC’s in Japan
61. 5 More Things I Wish Linux Had And One I Wish It Didn’t
62. Microsoft Defends ‘Windows 7’ Moniker…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
63. MS: Lawyers Trying to Hijack Windows Update…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
64. MIKE WENDLAND: ‘Phishing’ spam is latest bait from identity thieves…6_20040116.htm
65. Adobe Fixes ‘clickjacking’ Flaw…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
66. Woman Is First to Plead Guilty in Notorious Spam Case…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
67. Attack Unleashed for New Microsoft Mainframe Bug…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
68. 27 Funny Ways To Get Rid of Debt Collectors.
69. Recession Worries? Go Open Source to Cut Costs…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
70. Switch to Linux Today! bsod Linux Flier…d-linux-flier/
71. Fun with Linux Commands-I…i/#comment-433
72. Power of Wonderful Linux Terminal – 10 Challenges for Windows Users…windows-users/
73. Hello ClearClick, Goodbye Clickjacking!…-clickjacking/
74. Clickjacking and Other Browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera)
75. Updating your system: GNU/Linux 5, Windows 0…in_your_system
76. Microsoft Mulling ‘Instant On’ Feature for Windows…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
77. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Hosting…linux-hosting/
78. Switch to Ubuntu Linux not Apple Mac OS…-apple-mac-os/
79. Gmail Back After 30 Hours Down…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
80. Pirated programs cause problems for users, industry…-komando_x.htm
81. Ballmer: Windows 7 Is Vista, Just ‘a Lot Better’
“Look, no Windows release has to have people want to use it right away,” Ballmer continued.

Talk about aggressive marketing.

82. Songbird 0.7.0 Review – Audio Player for Linux…layer-for.html
83. Facebook Malware Targets Windows PCs…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
If the OS scan detects an OS other than Windows, it sends the user to the actual YouTube front page and doesn’t infect their system.
Another good point to switch to Linux.

Moving on…
84. Kentucky May Kill Online Gambling Permanently…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
85. Swapping Windows for Linux on Eee PC 901
86. Professional-Level Photography With Linux, And Nobody Goes To Jail
87. IRS Systems Found Vulnerable…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
88. Man Charged in Scientology Web Attack…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
89. Why good people make bad OS choices…bad_os_choices
90. How Microsoft will compete with ‘free’
91. Lifehacker Faceoff: Battle of the Linux Distros…-of-linux.html
92. Election Deception: The Web’s 12 Dirtiest Tricks…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
93. Recession Hits Blu-Ray Where it Counts…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
94. More Bad News for Blu-Ray
95. Obama Campaign Hopes for Better Web Security…_security.html
96. Lessons Linux Should Learn From Windows and Mac…ndows-and-mac/
97. Linux Gains Flash, Ubuntu Gains Wikipedia – but Can They Change the World?
98. Kaspersky: Mac, Linux, BSD open for attack…sd-open-attack
99. Back to Linux
100. Sun Guy: Linux Guys Afraid of OpenSolaris
101. The Real Story Behind GNU/Linux…1411&blogid=14
102. Does Linux Need a $300 Million Ad Campaign?…on-ad-campaign
103. Memory lane: Microsoft blames Red Hat for not making Linux popular enough
104. MS: Linux Woes Red Hat’s Fault
105. Microsoft Takes Heat for Double Talk on Windows 7…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
106. How DNS Cache Poisoning Works…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
107. Microsoft Lauds Global Antipiracy Success…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
108. Google Ordered to Disclose Data on Gmail User…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
109. Big Changes Ahead for the Internet, Says Vint Cerf…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
110. Pirates Prefer Windows XP Over Vista, Says Microsoft…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
111. Rules for Users…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
112. Our Dangerous E-Mail Addiction…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
113. Hackers Renew Airline-Ticket Scam Spam…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
114. 17 Greasemonkey Scripts to Turbocharge Your Browser…l?tk=nl_sbxhow
115. Apricot netbook ditches Linux,…331761b,00.htm
116. Who Should Use Linux…uld-use-linux/
117. How to Break Up With the Linux Community
118. What is a Linux distro worth?…s_linux_worth/
119. Linux Creator Linus Torvalds, Others Honored In Silicon Valley…ubSection=News
120. Google Patches Chrome ‘Carpet Bomb’ Bug…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
121. iTunes 8 to Vista: Give Me a B, an S, an OD…l?tk=nl_iwxblg
122. Sony’s LittleBigPlanet Recalled Over References to Qu’ran…l?tk=nl_goxblg
123. Malicious Spam Jumps Eightfold…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
124. Apple Ads Hold Off Microsoft’s Promos…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
125. Does Child Porn Fight Threaten Privacy?…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
126. Update Sets Downloads Record…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
127. Microsoft’s Antipiracy Method Angers Chinese…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
128. Research May Extend Moore’s Law…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
129. Top 10: Best Viral Videos From the 2008 Election…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
130. Trojan Steals 500K Bank, Credit Card Log-ons…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
131. Five Reasons Why Skipping Vista Could Backfire…l?tk=nl_bexnws
132. Microsoft: Data Shows Vista More Secure Than XP…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
133. Spammers Hack Servers to Infect Legit E-Mail…l?tk=nl_baxnws
134. Microsoft Says Windows Flaw Could Bring Worm Attack…l?tk=nl_baxnws
135. 15 Hot New Technologies That Will Change Everything…l?tk=nl_wbxnws
136. Microsoft Unveils Google Docs Killer: Office 14…l?tk=nl_wbxblg
137. Windows 7 Fuels War Against Google…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
138. Have Terrorists Co-Opted Twitter?…l?tk=nl_bdxnws

I have posted a lot of links lately. 🙂 For those who would like to back track:

1. Articles You May Want To Read
2. Articles You May Want To Read II
3. Articles You May Want To Read III
4. Articles You May Want To Read IV
5. Articles You May Want To Read V
6. Articles You May Want To Read VI

Enjoy! And please report broken links so I could delete them. Articles You May Want To Read VI is here.


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