Exploring The Web: 5 Sites To Visit Part I

Note: This was posted on Multiply Dec. 6, 2008, 11:18 pm

Oh, the freedom of having so much spare time! Or pseudo-spare time…

とにかく、let us start our web conquest on the most popular and widely used category: the search engines.

However, I may include here meta-search engines: a search engine that searches other search engines and congregates the results into a single comprehensive list. Anyway, I’ll state if the site is a meta-search engine or not.

Here we go:

1. Google. Of course, we all know Google. In fact, it is so popular that it has been made into a verb. As we all know, it is also leading in the search engine arena.

Well, I really don’t need describe the site. However, Google (company) has also came under scrutiny these past months, especially in privacy. Its latest issue about its newest service SearchWiki, which lets you arrange your search results the way you prefer and comment on search results (the service requires a gmail account) has also come under intense criticism.

2. Yahoo!
The second search engine in the world. IMO, it is more famous for its email service than on the search realm itself.

FYI: Yahoo! was tried to be acquired, its search business and/or the company itself, by Microsoft, but a series of events (such as this) made Microsoft back out of the deal. Also, there have been talks of Google and Yahoo merging in the advertising business, but due to the DoJ in America, it too didn’t come to be realized.

3. Dogpile
Remember the meta-search term I am talking about previously? Here it is now: dogpile. As a meta-search engine, it queries Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Search, and Ask for search results. It then arranges the results according to popularity (I think) and presents them as a comprehensive list, with, of course, some excerpts from the site as Google and Yahoo would do.

Meta-search engines, btw, are useful if you want to get more results (IMO, as basic search engines like Google and Yahoo have their own styles of displaying search results, and also considering the fact that different search engines do give different results). And dogpile is one of those meta-search engines that do this efficiently.

From here on I’m gonna list some interesting search engines you might want to know about.

4. Deluoode
Apparently a Japanese web search engine having a Google look. Of course, being a Japanese search engine, it outputs its results in Nihongo, Japan’s national language.

FYI: If you are watching Chaos;Head closely, you will notice that this is the site used by Takumi Nishijō in searching the net.

5. Blackle
Tired of seeing white backgrounds on every search engine listed here (except dogpile, which uses a blue-green pairing, but still predominantly white)? Try Blackle. As the name states, it is predominantly white. It was created by Heap Media in order to save energy because of its being black. I set it as my homepage anyway because of its black theme, which matches to my liking. Plus, it also calms the eye.

There you have it: 5 websites you can visit in your spare time. The Internet really is a booming medium of communication, as evidenced by the gradual move to IPv6 in order to support more users in the future. With this boom also come a variety of web sites, each fulfilling a function its creator(s) intended.

More on the next post! 🙂


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