When The Year Divides

Note: Posted on Multiply Dec. 31, 2008, 10:33 AM

(This is a year-ender post).

Hello to all…

Only a few hours more, and the years will divide: sayonara 2008, ohayou 2009; just like when night and day greet each other for a short time where Atlas carries the world (in Greek mythology). Tonikaku, we, as humans, should move on with life.

I know it is a tough thing to say farewell to something. However, as I said earlier, we must move on. 2009, we are sure, are filled with many challenges many of us have heard already and are expecting:

1. Recession. It had been officially declared that we, er, the United States is entering a recession. However, since the US is an economic power and the peso is tied to the dollar (lucky euro, damn euro), we will also experience a “slight”(?) recession in our economy.

2. To the students: next semester and next year. I said next semester because we will continue this semester studying (again). Also, next year because when March 20 (?) comes, we will become i++ years, where i = current year. (i++ is a programming shortcut for i = i+1; in plain English, i will be incremented by one).

3. To the parents: another year of expenses. Yes, every year we lose (and gain) money. However, as we are now experiencing, it will be tough this coming year.

4. To the workers, especially overseas: layoffs. Because of the recession, there will we layoffs.

5. To the masses in general: the same pattern: the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. No explanation needed.

Of course, these are just observations and trends. As Feng Shui experts constantly tell us, Feng Shui is just a guide. We should not rely too much on those; instead, we should also work hard in order for us to be successful. The same also applies to us.

Whatever this coming year turns into, we should do our best, especially during the coming year full(?) of crises. Anyway, when it comes to time, we do not have much choice. Time moves only forward, not backward; times lost cannot be redeemed, so we must treasure it.

Just a little more, and we will all start counting. The year will also start to diverge, leaving 2008 behind while giving way to the still newborn 2009.

Whatever you say, but it is undoubtedly,

Goodbye 2008, and hello 2009! 🙂


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