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Posted on Multiply Jan. 24, 2009, 9:49 AM

The tenth release. 🙂

1. Somali Pirates Plundering Trade Ships, Stealing Video Games…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
2. How to avoid a Linux-migration disaster…9549424,00.htm
3. Giving Thanks to Linux and Open Source
4. REVIEW: TRANSMISSION v1.40 – The uTorrent of Linux?…rent-of-linux/
5. Worm Risk Spurs Critical Microsoft Patch…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
6. 5 Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
7. First look: Windows 7 takes on Apple and IT needs…ml?source=fssr
8. 15 Hot New Technologies That Will Change Everything…l?tk=nl_wbxnws
9. Linux Vs. Windows: The Long Debate…e-long-debate/
10. Google Shares Drop Below $300 for First Time in Three Years…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
11. Facebook Hit by Nigerian Scam…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
12. Popular RSS Reader Bloglines Suffers Outage…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
13. Ex-Con Returns to Jail for Hacking Prison Computers…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
14. Can One Lawsuit Kill Behavioral Ads?…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
15. The Best and Worst Movies About the Internet        …l?tk=nl_dnxnws
16. Mobile ARM reaches out to popular Ubuntu…1656681100.htm
17. Internet Caf\u00e9 Invaded by Linux Desktop…x-desktop.html
18. Computer upgrade Utopia – Linux Ubuntu upgrade to 8.10
19. PDF Malware Hits Acrobat Reader Flaw…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
20. Ancient IBM Drive Rescues Apollo Moon Data…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
21. Denial-of-Service Attacks Intensify…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
22. A Sneaky Security Problem, Ignored by the Bad Guys…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
23. Microsoft’s Plan to Harm GNU/Linux and ODF via the Web…f-via-the-web/
24. Adobe answers cries for 64-bit Flash on Linux                
25. Linux boots in 2.97 seconds
26. Dell’s Linux Ads: Microsoft’s Nightmare Before Christmas?…-linux-laptop/
27. Fake Unix and Linux Advisory – The /dev/null Vulnerability  …y-devnull.html
28. Now Supporting 16 Exabytes                                         …_exabytes.html
29. Firefox 2 support to be cut off                                         ,1…9554855,00.htm
30. AMD Jumps Into the Netbook Fray…l?tk=nl_bnxnws

Old News:
31. Shouldn’t Obama use Linux, and not a Mac?…and-not-a-mac/
32. No Microsoft!…microsoft.html
33. What is a Netbook computer?
34. Opinion: High-performance nonsense…intsrc=kc_feat
35. Firefox Add-on Blocks ‘Clickjacking’ Attacks…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
36. Accused Palin Hacker Has a History of Intrusion…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
37. YouTube Takes a Page From xkcd…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
38. Obscenity Charges Raise Questions in Internet Age…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
39. Romanian Pleads Guilty to Phishing-related Charges…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
40. Open Source and the Financial Meltdown…ncial-meltdown
41. Are You an Innovation Sucker or Winner?…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
42 Boycott Novel
43. 8 Great Alternative Desktop Managers For Linux             …ers-for-linux/
44. Meet Tech’s Product Name Guru…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
45. One Million UK Kids Make Illicit Online Purchases…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
46. University of Florida Discloses Data Breach…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
47. Why Microsoft Should Stop Charging for Xbox Live…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
48. Botnets Scramble for New Host                               …l?tk=nl_bdxnws
49. The extremely vocal desktop Linux tinority
50. Sneaky Fees: 7 New Ways You’re Paying More…l?tk=nl_wbxnws
51. What’s up with Linux (and Mac) Flash performance?…h-performance/
52. 64-Bit Linux Adobe Flash Player: Surprisingly good         …prisingly_good
53. Linux Guru Reiser Seeks New Murder Trial…guru-reis.html
55. Linux: Should You Use Twice the Amount of Ram as Swap Space?
56. XpGnome – Make Linux Look like Windows XP              
Old News:
57. Sun Reorganizes, Cuts up to 18 Percent of Workforce…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
58. ‘Moonlight’ heads to beta
59. Vista Fights for Relevancy Against Poor Sales, XP, Windows 7…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
60. Colombia Signs up for OLPC Laptops With Windows…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
61. Why Steve Jobs Should Run General Motors…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
62. AMD Bails Out IT…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
63. Browsing Tips and Tools From Hassle-Free PC                     …l?tk=nl_sbxhow
64. Bugs & Fixes: IPhone Connect Errors, Audiobook Crashes…l?tk=nl_inxnws
65. Are You Wasting Your Money Buying Antispyware Software?…l?tk=nl_spxblg
66. Microsoft Drops OneCare Antivirus Product…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
67. How Much Does Spam Cost You? Google Will Calculate        …l?tk=nl_bdxnws
68. Researchers Find Vulnerability in Windows Vista…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
69. Elven Legacy: Colorful, Nonlinear, and Surprisingly Turn-Based…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
70. Teenager Pleads Guilty to Botnet, ‘swatting’ Charges…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
71. Legacy Systems Won’t Last Forever…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
72. Apple Wins Antitrust Fight With Psystar…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
73. IBM Tries to Bring Brain Power to Computers…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
74. Google to Shut Down Lively Virtual World…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
75. Ruby Hailed as Good Option in Down Economy…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
76. Microsoft Offers Free Songs to Zune Subscribers…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
77. Major League Baseball Switches From Silverlight to Flash…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
78. Pro baseball Web video woes continue…ideo-woes.html
79. GCC hacks in the Linux kernel                                  …cks/index.html
80. Crazy Steve and Microsoft’s Garage Sale…rage-sale.aspx
81. Google Deal Produces 91% of Mozilla’s Revenue…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
82. About fstab and Its Corruption Results in Linux
83. Linux is a kernel, Now STFU…rnel-now-stfu/
84. Editor’s Note: Linux Should Copy Amiga…1-21-035-35-PS
85. Amiga – the little computer that could                          
86. IBM buys code-converter firm in Linux move…linux-move.htm
87. Reliable Linux netbooks for Black Friday
88. Giving Up on Gadgets…l?tk=nl_dgxnws
89. Top 11 Lamest Blogs                                                  …l?tk=nl_bexsld
90. A Decade of Internet Superstars: Where Are They Now?…_they_now.html
91. Customize Microsoft Word 2007 for Maximum Efficiency…l?tk=nl_bexhow
92. Three Quick Ways to Improve Laptop Battery Life…l?tk=nl_bexblg
93. Why Sun Should Spin Off Java…l?tk=nl_bdxnws
94. Enough Already Apple: Bring Flash to the iPhone…l?tk=nl_bexblg
95. Google SearchWiki Addition Fails to Wow…l?tk=nl_dnxnws
96. Teeworlds – multiplayer game for Linux and Windows…x-and-windows/
97.(Linux is Not Windows)                                                

“Ever meet a coder who used MS Word?”

98. Which Linux?…ich-linux.html
99. The Biggest Flaw in Gnome UI…-gnome-ui.html
100. Rescue CD’s…escue-cds.html
101. The joy of X – master the Linux GUI
102. Apple Adds Anti-Fraud Safeguard to Safari…l?tk=nl_bdxnws

There you have it: 102 articles to read! (look out for the “Note: Articles You May Want To Read IX was moved here.


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