Tablesorter Pager: Options

In my last post, I talked about tablesorter and tablesorter pager, and how to acquire and initialize them. Now, we will talk about the configuration options available for tablesorter pager.


Tablesorter pager is configured by passing values in its constructor in JSON format.


The most commonly used option in Tablesorter Pager is the container option, which defines where the Pager would be rendered. In fact, it is required to show the pager itself.

Configuration Options

The following are all the available options used by Tablesorter Pager, as written in its source code.

Option Description Default
size Defines the number of rows to display per page. 10
offset 0
page Defines the offset of the table “page” shown by default. (currentpage+page) 0
totalRows 0
totalPages 0
container Defines where the pager would be displayed. null
cssNext Defines the CSS class of the ‘next’ image. .next
cssPrev Defines the CSS class of the ‘prev’ image. .prev
cssFirst Defines the CSS class of the ‘first image. .first
cssLast Defines the CSS class of the ‘last’ image. .last
cssPageDisplay Defines the CSS class of the page display. .pagedisplay
cssPageSize Defines the CSS class of the ‘prev’ image. .pagesize
seperator Defines the separator for the current page and total number of pages. /
positionFixed Determines if position of pager is fixed or relative to the table to which it is attached. true
appender Defines the appender function for the pager. this.pager

Some notes:

  • I really don’t know what the options offset, totalRows and totalPages are for. If someone discovers their use, please post it in the comments section.
  • Notice that seperator is spelled with an ‘e’.

These are the only options Tablesorter Pager uses. In the next entries, I will post on how to apply your styles to the pager, among other things.


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