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Today, we’ll talk about two famous memes floating around the Internet (not so) lately. And yes, I am making an entry about them because, like the Nyan Cat meme, I am somewhat addicted to them at the moment.

First, let’s talk about the meme called “Ye Olde Englishman”.

Frankly, my preferred source about memes is knowyourmeme, for as far as I have observed it is a reliable source. However, I was somewhat saddened when I found out that they have no information about the Ye Olde Englishman meme, but they do have an entry about verbosity (in which, in my recent treks to the Internet, this meme is sometimes associated with, together with deep English words).

Ye Olde Englishman

Ye Olde Englishman (from

I honestly don’t know who the person depicted in the image is (and please let me know if you do), but it is obvious that the image depicts a somewhat accurate stereotype of the British upper classes of old. (Personally, I would like to try wearing such an attire to the office.)

Also, a very interesting picture I found in Wikipedia is shown below, depicting how the UK got its present flag.

UK flag history

UK flag history

Another meme I would like to talk about originated from a Canadian pop song, entitled “Call Me Maybe” (to which the meme was subsequently named after) by Carly Rae Jepsen. (And yes, knowyourmeme has an entry for it.)

One website described it as “… it’s like ear herpes: you just can’t get rid of it.” And yes, it’s precisely like that! I am listening to it as I write this entry (and the music is looped)! As they say, “what was heard cannot be unheard”.

Animal Memes: Hello Maybe - Cheezburger

A “Call Me Maybe” sample from

Now, you may wonder, what is the connection between the two abovementioned memes? Is there even any connection at all? As it turns out, oftentimes memes can interact in creatively novel ways. Take for instance the following image.

[Image - 292966] | Call Me Maybe | Know Your Meme

[Image – 292966] | Call Me Maybe | Know Your Meme

Before we delve too much with the image above, let’s just first segway to the topic of verbosity.

Wikipedia describes verbosity as “… speech or writing which is deemed to use an excess of words.” Apparently, there are “categories” of being verbose: prolixity, grandiloquence, and logorrhea. (And yes, this is probably the only time I will use those words.) Nonetheless, I personally find the concept of being verbose entertaining, just like code obfuscation.

Armed with the above information and the recently mentioned meme, I was inspired to make a verbose version of the famous lines in Carly’s song:

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my number
So call me, maybe

Yes, it sounds very idiotic, but this what makes the song LSS-worthy. And yes, pop music nowadays is crazy, so consistency is not a problem.

Here is what I think how Ye Olde Englishman might say it verbosely.

Ye Olde Englishman, verbose version (from

Ye Olde Englishman, verbose version (from

And yes, I would very much appreciate if I have at least made you smile from this recent ludicrous composition of mine.


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