Book Reviews: Introduction


Good day, world! Since I am now into reading ebooks (currently through my phone), I have decided that, since I now have a reliable internet connection, I will post my reviews (maybe personal analyses would be the more apt term) on the books I have finished reading. This is to let me tickle my brain cells during moments of boredom or during moments of inspiration (which I really do wish to come more often).

Most probably, majority of these reviews would be in English, since that’s the language of most of the books I am reading/have read.  I will follow this rule, though: I will write reviews in the language the book I am reviewing is originally written in. That is, I will write in English when the book I am reviewing is in English; I will write in Filipino when the book I am reviewing is in Filipino; and so on. In case of translations, the rule would be “I will write reviews in the language the book I am reviewing (and have a copy of) was translated into.

I do hope that this enterprise would be a fun one, since I don’t really like being burdened into write something about a book when I don’t really want to. I also hope that my audience (if any) will enjoy my analyses, and are perfectly welcome to leave comments/opinions/suggestions/violent reactions in the comments section below.

As you might have already guessed, this is only an introduction, for want of having a “cover page” for this “series”. I will post (hopefully) shortly my review on Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, which I have finished reading the day before yesterday.

Again, good day to all of you, and thank you for reading this introduction to my new (hopefully) entertaining series. 🙂



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