Exploring The Web: 5 Sites To Visit Part IV

Posted in Multiply on May 17, ’09 4:22 PM

Hello there.

Yes, it’s been a while since I updated this series. For today, we will focus on one site and explore its branches. And the site is going to be www.okcupid.com.

Yes, the name sounds like it’s an online dating site. Yes, the site is, as their banner says, is:

OkCupid: 100% free. The best dating site on Earth.


Well, I am not going to teach you how to find soulmates and sexmates here (sorry, bachelors). Instead, we are going to focus on the tests offered on the site.

Yes, there are literally hundreds and thousands of tests here, made by people focusing on different topics from languages to science and technology. What I am going to do here is give you five sample tests from the site.

Be warned though: this is somewhat biased, as I am posting only links to what interests me, specifically on the topic about languages. Therefore, I am encouraging you to explore the site, finding tests which suit your tastes. As I have said earlier, the site is teeming with tests.

Now, here we go:

1. The World Languages Test
2. The REAL Computer Science Acronym Test
3. Guess The Language Test
4. The Languages of the World Test
5. What kind of Programming Language are You?

That’s all. ‘Til next time. 🙂


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akosihyro wrote on May 17, ’09
Your imeem is blocking your blog post.

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